Craps Strategy That Works 100% Of The Time

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Learned this strategy from Color Up great youtuber, I wanted to try it out so I did, I ran threw multiple attempts with my friends and by myself and every single one I had profit at the end. Taking this to a casino soon to see how it does hope it does well for others

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Craps Strategy That Works 100% Of The Time

10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy That Works 100% Of The Time

  1. Nice clickbait lol hope you don’t actually think that is true or you need to watch that CU video again.

  2. can't wait to hear how you do at a live table. watch out for those dice controllers it works

  3. Your bankroll is not large enough to support it. I’m assuming the last bets in the sequence would be 120 and 120. 15 15 15 30 30 60 60 120 120.

  4. i have one strategy for you, it's called the stepladder on the don't.. you need 27 units to start.. you start off with 2 units on the don't pass.. if you lose, then bet 3 units.. if you lose again, wait for the next shooter, and then bet 4 units.. when you win, on the 4 unit bet, drop down to 3 units and lock the 1 unit profit.. now you see the stepladder (2 up to 7 units) on the betting.. the goal is to lock 5-10 units, then start over again.. please try it out.. good luck..

  5. Put your camera on a tripod. Hard to watch with you moving all the time.

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