Basic Craps

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Beginner’s guide to the game of Craps by John Patrick

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Basic Craps

9 thoughts on “Basic Craps

  1. What a total jerk and very rude to the viewer, who is trying to learn the game, and win. Notice.., that he repeats himself, over and over, throughtout the video and actually talks down to you. A professional instructor would not do that. This is not a professional video on gambling within a casino. There are far better professional gambling videos in the marketplace, that actually teach you, step-by-step, on how to play the game and win. This video is not one of them or his entire series.

  2. Although this video was filmed many years ago , John teaches a conservative Craps strategy to help you limit your losses , set a win goal based on your starting bank roll and most important set a loss limit. This minute video is one minute of a two set DVD by John Patrick on Beginner /Intermediate Craps on the first DVD 1:57.25 mins and the other DVD on Advanced /Super Craps 1:52:34. There are two books that go along to compliment the DVD's. Sure John can be crass and throw insults out, but that's his style to get you to learn how to be a winner and limit your losses . The win goal is 20% of your bankroll and the loss limit is 50% or less of your bankroll . 20% may sound very conservative, so he said you can go up to 30% on your win goal but no higher . What ever your bankroll is you break it up into 3 betting sessions for that casino outing . You don't take out your whole bankroll at the first table session . You play with 1/3. BR $300 = $100 per session BR $600 = $200 per session
    BR $900= $300 per session etc….. If you think your going to hit the big one and make a killing , you are going to lose .

    Say you have a small BR of $300 Each session at each table is $100 Your win goal is $20%. That's $20, it may seem small but you are a winner and learning discipline. You limit your loss to say $40%. So if you have lost $40, you leave the table . ( But I know you won't , you're too stupid .) – that's John speaking to you on the tape. LOL Your betting and win goals and loss limits are based on your bankroll. Say you build your bankroll up to $3000. That would be $1000 per session and the win goal is $200 to 30% ($300) and your loss limit to $400. My short paragraph is only one small part of the information John teaches you . John's is a very conservative Craps strategy, but you will win more than 50% of the time.
    The DVD's teaches you the basics ( crap table , pass don't pass lines , place numbers , being a right better or a don't better , avoiding the come out roll and placing the 6 and 8 for one hit or two and come down on both numbers etc…..). There is too much information to re-write the book and videos here , but his teaching is solid if you just follow his conservative strategies . You can't buy these books or DVD's and I bought my package of John Patrick's Craps books and DVD's from Garrison via Golden Touch Craps .

    I am now going through them all to learn how to really play Craps .
    His basic Big Four are:

    Knowledge of the game
    Money Management
    ( Since this tape and book I think John also added a 5th called " Reading the Craps table 🙂

    It takes a lot of study and practice to learn these strategies. I bought a 1/2 Craps practice table with a hard surface and one of the newer bouncy soft surfaces .

    In closing , watch and learn from John Patrick vs biting off your nose to spite your face with John''s teaching style

  3. Correction – my mistake . You can get John Patrick's Books and tapes through Garrison Craps . Gary Garrison .
    You cannot get these materials through Golden Touch Craps

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  5. Is John Patrick still alive? His websire appears to be down.

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