How Roulette FLAT BET Algorithm Defeats the Game. 99.99% Win RATE

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In this video you will learn how I use algorithms in a flat bet system to defeat the game of roulette in our mentorship program. Join my self and others as we beat the game of roulette finally and make guaranteed results income! Yes, guaranteed. You are watching history in the making! 🙂

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How Roulette FLAT BET Algorithm Defeats the Game. 99.99% Win RATE

10 thoughts on “How Roulette FLAT BET Algorithm Defeats the Game. 99.99% Win RATE

  1. I agreed with u.. But u have just said.. The longer u go the closer ur expected winning ratio will get.. So flat will do.. But u can vary ur bet by long periods in order to capitalize on the law of compensatiin which will occur.. Might not in short term.. But will in long term

  2. Sorry to break it to you, actually tried it and failed. No harsh feeling tho. Maybe it wouldve came up but who knows when?

  3. But you can't sneak a laptop into the casino though. Nor can you used your phone? So how can you used it without being caught?

  4. Inyour previous video that you have to wait for the sweet spot isit possible for me to flip the colors. Just right after the last five sequence?ex red blackred blackred then betting the opposite?

  5. U have to create a false algorithm pattern and then make an “unexpected” bet?

  6. You could win at roulette 75% of the time with this system here:

    Once again, people. I cannot say this enough: This is not a system to "increase your odds" as those do not exist, and I wish people would stop advertising them in that manner. The odds of any particular game are set in stone and cannot be altered. This is more of a "money management" technique, and it can be applied in many different ways. Technically, it is just a modified version of the infamous Martingale system. It relies on the simple "loss recovery" method where the object is to chase your lost money until you win it + one additional bet back, and then reset. All of these systems work fine in the short term, but alas, they are ALL known to go BUSTO as soon as you run into a cold streak and hit a spot where you no longer have enough money to "chase" your previous loss. At this point, you either bet your house, or it's game over.

    So, feel free to have a little bit of fun using these techniques. Win a few bucks and take your loved one(s) to a nice dinner. But don't rely on any of these methods as a surefire way to produce an income, or to become a millionaire as you will just end up pulling your hair out when you slam head first into your first inevitable "wipe-out" scenario… 💰💵

  7. So will this work on a real land based casino or online real dealer roulette table?

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