Craps Strategy : The 59 Chase

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Craps Strategy :  The 59 Chase

5 thoughts on “Craps Strategy : The 59 Chase

  1. Played this for awhile until I gave up and kept the 6&8 covered, caps are a pain, I know.
    Might be interesting to reverse your number pairs. Start on the 6&8, then feed the outside 4. $36 on 6&8, then use $20 of each win to cover 5&9, then 4&10. Half press each win & Hmmm.
    Or, you're starting with enough for a $66 inside, try using the 5&9 to feed the 6&8, then take all 6&8 wins.

    Good luck brother, you're the idea guy!

  2. You asked about camera angles so, here you go. Move the left camera left, more toward the hard-way/prop area, currently they are not visible. It may also need to be slightly tilted right for the down table view. Rotate the right camera one-quarter turn (top to left) so it keeps the table pattern flow the same for the whole side of the table. Make the logo picture about half the size. By doing these adjustments you may be able to make the play area layout lines match so the viewer sees what appears to be the whole side of the table. Hope these suggestions help. Thanks for the videos.

  3. Start off $60 on 6&8. $50 on 5&9. $15 on 4&10. 6 or 8 hits press it to $90. 5 or 9 hits press that number to $75. 4 or 10 hits press that number to $25. That way you are pressing a little plus collecting profit at the same time. You can then either keep pressing of regress after a few hits.

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