Craps Strategy – The Dice Doctor’s Daddy Play – Dark Side Method

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Craps Strategy – The Dice Doctor’s Daddy Play – Dark Side Method

For starters, I have no idea why this strategy is called “Daddy Play.” I’m just trying to honor the original name. 🙂

Props to Steve “Heavy” Haltom, who mentioned the strategy on one of his Facebook groups. And certainly credit to Sam Grafstein (The Dice Doctor) for coming up with the concept in the first place.

This is a Don’t Pass/Don’t Come strategy. It starts with 36 units, broken down into 6 shooters of 6 units each. On this video, I’m using $10 units, so I’m starting with a $360 buy-in.

$10 Don’t Pass, then 5 $10 Don’t Comes MAX attempted. If you get a 7/11 loser, you end that shooter and wait for next shooter.

If current shooter ends with at least 6 units left/collected, you go one more round with that “session,” but $20 units for 3 DP/DC’s only (same $60 risk).

See where you’re at after you go one round through all 6 shooters. If you’re down, find a new table and try again.


Disclaimer: No results are implied or guaranteed. Most Craps players lose money over time. That’s the way it works. This video is for information and entertainment only. Playing Craps or any gambling carries an inherent risk of loss. Never play Craps with money you cannot afford to lose. Please seek help if you feel you have a gambling problem.

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5 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – The Dice Doctor’s Daddy Play – Dark Side Method

  1. Indeed they should. I knew Sam Grafstein in the early eighties, gambled with him in the race books and dice pits of downtown Fremont Street, Las Vegas. Dunno whether those impersonating him obtained permission from his estate. But they are NOT him, may God rest his soul. Accept no substitutes! His book is a tough read but well worth the effort.

  2. Grafstein is one of the most prized and enduring influences of my life. His tactics for right bettors are, if anything, even more effective. His Stretch Play and converted Come Bet tactics figure prominently in my own comprehensive strategy. His rack management moves are the best anywhere in print.

  3. Chris, to forget in parlaying “live” payoff crap rolls is a violation of rules. Not good.

    For a fact, Sam Grafstein would regard a large majority of the entire dice betting community as being cringe worthy, with every line bet (DP or Pass Line, Come line or DC) natural (whether Two, Three, Seven, or Eleven) which is not then automatically stacked up, for a Two Hit- or even Three [or more] Hit- flat. They pay 3-to-1, or 7-to-1, or (when “unleashed”) will pay any number—you should be so lucky.

    What’s more, an Eleven that shows against any of your DC bets concludes your action against this particular shooter, just a Comeout Seven would put a halt one this play: crucial stop loss moves! They protect the betting stake.

    To respond to your curiosity, The Doctor named this tactic “The Daddy Play” because it proved itself to be The Father of assorted other plays, for Wrong Bettors, because it was the first to show him a winning batting average.

    I met Sam Grafstein in the early eighties and, while I am primarily a Right Bettor, I will revert to these tactics roughly 3-4% of the time.

    As for a Comeout Seven, you would always wait till the next round. Grafstein would always stop cold, admonishing “Successful Wrong Bettors never chase a losing bet.”

  4. This would be pretty good to play for a few shooters before, especially if they just chuck the dice down the table . Choppy table as well.

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