Why Poker Players Are All Moving to BITCOIN

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Why are so many poker players investing in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency these days? In this video I explain why.

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Why Poker Players Are All Moving to BITCOIN

9 thoughts on “Why Poker Players Are All Moving to BITCOIN

  1. Do you invest in Bitcoin? Check out my other new video on passive income ideas for poker players (5 ways to make $10k a month): https://youtu.be/5V_KtebI4U8

  2. cryptocurrencies are great to protect us against taxes. the government can't steal the money we put in crypto.

  3. Great video! I could not have said it better myself. I am more of a traditional investor. I have all my investments in an S&P 500 index fund. I think crypto is speculative. I would definitely not try to make money by jumping on the next hot meme stock or meme coin. I have also read The Intelligent Investor. I am not yet a poker player. I am an advantage player working on adding poker to my repertoire. It surprises me to see advantage players who only play games with an edge they can quantify to have most of their bankroll in Bitcoin. I have asked them to quantify the edge and expected returns to me in a logical way and have yet to hear anything convincing.

  4. I have a love hate relationship with bitcoin. I hate the volatility. Ethereum is better.

  5. I know nothing about crypto. I would say that if someone is good at poker (calculating odds, ranges of outcomes, etc.) this to my uneducated mind would be the same type of analysis that investors do. So many people are "I'm going to make a million dollars tomorrow" or "X is a total scam / completely over-valued / a Ponzi Scheme and you are going to lose everything". Most things are unlikely to be either, and the range of outcomes are quite likely to be varied, just like raising AQo pf UTG.

  6. HEX FOREVER!!! Most % gains the last year or more of all crypto. Has flipped BNB and ADA, tether is next!!!

  7. Who cares what pro poker players do with their money? Crypto currency is mainly for the dark web…leave it to the millionares and billionaires.. it's a ponzi scheme..good luck to all who put their money in there,but it won't be me..

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