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7 thoughts on “Craps Strategy. The OKLAHOMA WRANGLER

  1. You did good. However, I think the strategy bad. No fault of yours. I mean it could win some. But on the whole, not. Keep looking.

  2. I've seen a similar variation of this, but it uses a $75 DC instead of $50 DC. Then if the DC point is hit, you turn off all your bets and go back out on the DC for $75 – this gives protection against all the place & come bets when you seven-out. Once you get the DC reestablished, turn your bets back on. One small caveat – you'll have to manually take down your pass line odds and put them back out.

    Another thing to consider for the odds on the pass and come bets – put down $15 for the 4&10, $20 for the 5&9, and $25 for the 6&8… This is the same as 3x/4x/5x odds, and the odds portion will always pay $30 (plus another $10 for the line portion of the bet). You'll save a few chips from your bankroll in the long run, and actually collect a few for each initial Place bet hit

  3. That first 11 was a winner??? You were on the Pass not the DP. 3:25 was another come out 11. Also another winner??

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