10 thoughts on “Craps Strategy – When the 7 Comes | Levels of Conditioning

  1. CK I have the same problem. In my practice session I tried just before my average to change my throw from a stacked gripped to a horizontal grip. That changed to a new grip seemed to increase my rolls.
    on the other hand I have seen other shooters change their dice sets frequently during their roll and hit the small, tall and All.
    Dice Gods are forgiving. 🙂

  2. CK great video. When you see it in your vision you see it in reality. I do the three Hits and regress to 44 inside….. But I am working on extending it to 4-5 hits then regress. Extending my hits. Look at how far you came! You can go as long as your willing to put in the time…

  3. in vegas right now CK its hilarious to watxh some of these fools take 3 mins to set dice and then just whip em down the table and crash the wall….ive been makin a killing just playin the dark side…its funny after watxhing you for months hit throw after throw and out here its about 2 rolls and they 7 out lol

  4. It is called emotional intelligence. I'm a solid 10+avg now and as I keep rolling numbers above that I have to fight my heart rate. Hahaha, Crazy how you sometimes work against yourself. You are onto something CK. The Captian had some serious focus and emotional fortitude. Thank you for your candidness and keeping it real.

  5. You nailed it CK
    Mental concentration
    Setting the dice
    The grip
    The toss
    The distractions i.e. The changing dealers, the loud mouths "come on shooter screaming" in your ear or the waitress,
    Focus and muscle memory
    Just like bowling or golf
    That's what helps me

  6. I Salute you CK. I was using your Single Finger Middle Finger the hardway adjusted the dice 5/4 5/4 to 5/4 3/5. After First roll I adjusted. Then 30plus hit 7points and the SmallAllTall. There are no fire bets. Last time I get the dice. I throw a 20 all the numbers except the 12. I practice every night studying you. Dangerous Army is out here.

  7. thank u c k another fantastic video the more spend I put on my dice but better my roll

  8. I wonder if it might help to change your set and grip when you start to approach your average in a throw… it might actually "trick" your subconscious in to thinking it's a different roll. What do you think?

  9. Awesome content as always! I think its conditioning all the way. Its like anything else u need a mental checklist each time you throw. Your heartrate breath, grip, stance, aim, set ready. Each time you throw. Like a pre-flight checklist, before a sniper pulls the trigger, before a pitcher sends one over the plate.
    Whats your checklist?? Do you follow through every time??

  10. Hey CK, I threw the cross 6… 4/2 stack for 25 rolls man. Tried it on another day and out quick.. WTF

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