Craps Table Sustainability Strategy #Craps, #Craps Strategy

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Do you have trouble sustaining time at the Craps Table? If so, consider this strategy with a $19 Don’t Pass and a $18 six or eight. Your Risk? The come out roll 7 or 11 of course, once a point is established though, you can not lose. A great way to sustain your time at the table while waiting on the dice to come back to you.

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Craps Table Sustainability Strategy #Craps, #Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Craps Table Sustainability Strategy #Craps, #Craps Strategy

  1. Good stuff Ed.. I'll buy that Fer a dollar.. lol. Good stuff. Can keep the dealers off of ya for not playing and win a little. Can also alternate or look at the lay 4/10 to cover a few more place bets also. Anniversary trip next week. Headed to CA. Have some time allotted for the Mont Bleu Casino in South Lake Tahoe. If anyone knows anything about their tables love to get the Intel.

  2. I never play crowded tables or bet on the zinger/ flingers, but you’ll ALWAYS get a 👍 up from me, regardless!!
    Keep em 🎲🎲 Married!

  3. Hello Ed, well just got back from Biloxi and had a blast, I did this same strategy there, 15 on the don`t hopped the 7s for a buck each and a $2 C, went from losing to winning, great strategy sir. I had 3 good rolls in the 20s and you know, got in, got up and got gone, see ya soon and keep those bones rolling.

  4. LOL ed. Ha. That's the play for the don't. You cannot lose. Love it. The old $19 play.

  5. Thanks Ed for the video. Like this strategy. Low risk with the least exposure. Question: What do you do if that random roller goes off and throws a monster roll?

  6. Another fine video, Ed! I only started dabbling in the dark side recently and have done well. Seems to keep me in the game longer while I wait for the dice to come back around! Thank you for the efforts that you put into your production. I really appreciate your efforts and look forward to your vids.

  7. You are not guaranteed after getting by the Come Out. If you survive the Come Out and the point is an outside number that hits again before the 6 or 8 (whichever you have) you lose the $19 DP without recouping anything. But still an interesting strategy to stay at the table for "minimal" risk with a chance to win and possbly spread out to get more numbers.

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