10 thoughts on “Craps! The 7 & 7 Strategy, from Anonymous Subscriber! Very Interesting!

  1. Great video Jacob! I played it out a few times and it didn't work out for me very good ! Lol

  2. Not bad! What do you think about returning to minimum bet after having progressed some and get a hit?…you still did great here. I still think your 5 & 9 $30 lays is a good one. The progression you showed was 30 to 90 to 180 if they get knocked off. What I did recently using your strat was to lay 5 & 9 AND 40 on the 4 and 10….I always play the DP like you did here as well….I return to the minimum because I have enough 7 bets up top. This one worked out as well as I have been doing…..very consistent. I have even added another facet or dimension which I will not get into here now…..maybe later? Nevertheless, what I have developed, thanks to your 5/9 lay strat as a foundation, is very successful….and it includes what you did here with the one change I mentioned on the DP.

  3. @ Ace bluenote I agree. That would help mitigate some of the risk and mitigate losses of they're getting costly. Could also help stretch out the session if preferred.

  4. Just playing the pass line is kinda boring. But hey,,
    if you're winning that's what counts. Tnx..

  5. I’ve been trying this with iron cross and do even better. Once I recoup the cross investment, I divest. It’s just a few extra bucks. Yes, occasionally point sevens reduce profit, but it’s more satisfying to have action in the game on every roll.

  6. Tried the dont progression the other day, rolled 5 come out 7s in a row .what is the probability of that happening it's got to be way out there pls commemt

  7. I have played this regularly. I have made the adjustment to my bankroll.
    $25+$5 each loss. I max out around $75. I have done well. Just don't keep chasing. If I lose x2 on a shooter, I'll wait till next shooter. Started out $500 bankroll

  8. nice roll and strategy however . you woulda made 10k playing hardways and horn numbers .

  9. Interesting, the strategy has you committing to the larger bet amounts before starting. There are good points to either a positive or negative progression of bet size after each win, this has elements of both. Progressing after a loss is dangerous, but if you only bet on the Don't Pass you are bound to run into a series of wins. If the goal is to win a large amount of profit, flat betting is a poor strategy, because you're playing for a monster roll. At some point you have to put your bankroll at risk to win big. How many times have we witnessed regret to missing out. Really liking the 'Play through you Bankroll' element to this. Predetermined bets, leave them up to win, and keep attacking. Aggressive yes, but this looks fun!

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