Trying To Learn The Inferno | Pet Roulette #17

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Must be in world 307, join clan chat as a guest (search the name “Lucky”), click settings, and apply!

Music and SFX by Epidemicsounds
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The Main purpose of this series is of course, to eventually get every pet in the game. The series will mainly feature PvM/Bossing related pets, while working on skilling pets on the side.


1. I will spin the wheel 2 times to generate 2 random bosses per episode.

2. I will wait 24 hours (at the time the video is uploaded) for everyone to cast their votes on the strawpoll and/or comments before the boss is locked in, and I will then begin camping that boss for two weeks.

3. In the slight chance I receive the pet for the boss selected for that episode, I will defer to the boss that came in 2nd place for the remainder of the 2 weeks.

4. If the votes are an even 50/50, I will alternate the bosses through out the course of the 2 weeks.

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Trying To Learn The Inferno | Pet Roulette #17

10 thoughts on “Trying To Learn The Inferno | Pet Roulette #17

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  2. hahahaha! oh my god we were just talking about the hunleff on your stream! Thats awesome! 🙂 Keep the great content up – Exiled_Zac

  3. Years ago, I had went to and learned Zulrah. Was having hell. Eventually got it, and wanted to start making money. Was hoping for some nice drops. Instead I get fed at 113kc a pet. I was actually pretty upset. I was a broke boy back then, trying to get a few mill so I don't bankrupt for a bond. But I am happy that I got the pet, is one of my favorites. I've actually gotten spooned on 4/5 of my pets. 10master clues for the bloodhound. 5kc(on task) for Jad. 48(kc) for herbiboar (also first pet). And then Kraken, the only real grind. 2915kc.

  4. Anyone who has attempted 20+ inferno runs and still makes a video so humbly earns my subscription.. can’t wait to see u get it mate

  5. Honestly you did yourself wrong by taking ely and justi, i noticed because of that there were scenarios where you didnt know what to do bcs you relied on the tankyness of the setup, get yourself full crystal/armadyl and go in, they still have the ability to tank a hit if you miss one hit but not like justi where you can tank however many hits. That way you'll know what you did wrong and focus on practicing that

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