10 thoughts on “(Don’t) pass /dont come

  1. question… has the place betting helped at all? cause those profits were not counted ( i think) and also they delayed the climb progression?
    Or did the place bets harm the climb?

    Oh and all wives demand shopping after a win…. and when you loose the demand a whine lol

  2. Helluva roll! I did the same thing. Got up to $175 DC on a $5 table. It is indeed nerve wracking to keep pushing when repeaters keep showing. At one point the 6 and 8 kept repeating so much i started to wave them off. I know if it's not a good idea to do that but have you ever considered it? I just left a place on the 6 and 8 and played the ladder. Not sure if it cost me or helped me. Thanks for the honest video. Keep 'em coming.

  3. Yep brother. You need to reset to an all 7 when you start replacing bets on the don’t or leave your place bets at 25/30 and just pocket 10$ a throw. You are way to good for don’t come ladder

  4. Great job on the video Big Dog! Great explanation, following your system now. That will definitely work on a random shooter. For shooters like you and me, you’re gonna need at least twice the bankroll!

  5. I’d enjoy playing with you as the thrower at a casino.You are pretty consistent and for the most part every time I play a particular strategy with your videos, I come out ahead .

  6. This is how much bankroll is needed for $5 and $10 increments for 50 rolls assuming no snake eyes or 2/1 craps occur during the roll.


  7. I get it ! I see nothing but numbers here !! And you are spot on on your throw ! This vid impressed me.

  8. when you have all your place bets down stop setting the dice. just let'em rip

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