Shoot to Win Craps

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“Aruze” Shoot to win Craps at Binions Casino Las Vegas NV lot’s of fun to play!

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Shoot to Win Craps

8 thoughts on “Shoot to Win Craps

  1. These machines are all over vegas odds range from double to 10 times. 3 and 5 times are common. Better than playing on table – no nasty dealers looking for tips, no one sticking their hands in the way, no one holding up the game.

  2. This machine is sooo much fun! So far I have seen them at NY NY and MGM in Vegas. The minimums at that time were like $2.00 on the passline. We had an incredible run on the one at NY 🙂 You could barely get a seat at the machine! The only downside to playing them is that, at NY NY and MGM anyway, you don't earn ANY credits on your players card. Which was discouraging b/c at any given time I had 15-20 dollars at stake. But it won't stop me from playing!

  3. Takes the fun out of the game completely and puts more people out of work. You'd have to be a true gambling addict to want to play this over real craps.

  4. Do you know what the odds are at the Stations? Particularly Green Valley or Sunset? Thanks.

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