Don’t Pass Hedge Craps Strategy

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Don’t Pass Hedge Craps Strategy is a craps strategy from my Dice Advice series. In Dice Advice I will show viewer submitted strategies and roll them. In Season 2 Episode 7 I show the Don’t Pass Hedge Inside strategy or the DPHI. This is a craps strategy that utilizes a Don’t Pass bet followed up with an additional bet based on what the point becomes. If the point is either the 6 or 8, you would place bet the opposite number. If the point is 5 or 9, you would place the point as a hedge and also place bet either the 6 or 8. If the point becomes the 4 or 10 you would place the 6 or 8, and lay odds against the point. Thank you to Hawkeyetob for the strategy.

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Don’t Pass Hedge Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Don’t Pass Hedge Craps Strategy

  1. Probably a good strategy, but I'd be bored to death playing this strategy. Sometimes you can use multiple strategies to make it less tedious.

  2. Nice to see a dark side strategy. I’m still consistently doing well with my Triple Deuce Light to Dark strategy. Happy Halloween!

  3. I love that you incorporate some of the lingo from your dealer friend. (Sorry that I don’t remember his name)

  4. Oh Dude! You can't end with that many points with same shooter! Next time finish it off cause the ALL TALL wins!

  5. Great stuff as always!

    Stumbled upon an interesting one up on a forum that an older gambler game up with “after 20+ years getting killed on the passline”

    It has no name so I’m going to call it
    4 point don’t hit and run:

    1 unit DP + 3 DC

    If you lose any of the 4 immediately take down any odds and place each of the remaining #’s (working on the come out roll)
    *this includes losing one before you get to 4 don’t bets

    What this accomplishes is the early 7 outs are big winners (he calls hitting all 4 donts ‘hitting the grand slam’)

    And you are only risking one unit per shooter as you will immediately hedge all DONT bets with place bets and can make up for the lost don’t if the place bets hit.

    He allegedly played $100 units with 1x odds and had the following rules:
    Lose on DP on comeout? Sit out till 7 out
    Lose 3 DP in a row? Leave table

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