Extreme reverse press craps strategy with a big Announcement

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Well I said it was $22 inside at the last reverse press it was $44. What wrong with your brain crappy lol sorry

The regression is
$440 inside 1 hit could do 2
$220 inside 2 hits
$110 inside 3 hits
$66 inside 4 hits
$44 inside not $22 lol 5 hits
Then $22 on 6&8 till seven out you make it that far stop and go get a steak dinner lol.

Crappy says don’t crap out !!

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Extreme reverse press craps strategy with a big Announcement

10 thoughts on “Extreme reverse press craps strategy with a big Announcement

  1. I used that foam under my layout for a while, casino table is rigid. I’m not sure I didn’t do better before I changed it.

  2. Please do post videos of your build. Im building a 12 foot table as well, i got my layout from casino4u ready to go but im not sure how to build the table so im hoping your videos can really help me. I was told they use quilt batting as the underlayment on most tables so that might be an option. Thats what I was going to use

  3. Casino supply sells Volara table underpayment. Birch is better for the table than pine.
    Checkout Bone Thrower’s video on building a table.

  4. Hi Crappy. I really like your videos. I’ve learned a lot of cool strategies.
    For me, it would be more helpful if you could be more consistent in calling out the pay out vs what’s bet. You kind of start mumbling and go through the motions. Although I watch you on a 65” tv, I can’t always see how many chips are on a certain number. Keep up the great videos and can’t wait to see the new table. And one day, you will quit smoking…
    Don’t Crap out!

  5. Hey Crappy, My table has 2-layers of felt on top of MDF. IMO, it feels in between a bouncy and hard surface.

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