FREE CRUISE Craps Strategy: Practice Session before my next cruise.

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It’s in the Casino Royale on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line that offers complimentary staterooms for 2 as soon as you earn enough points for their current promotion. Earning a “Complimentary” cruise means you only have to pay for the taxes and port fees. Of course, you can earn points on casino games other than craps…We just prefer craps but have been known to occasionally play other games when the craps table isn’t open.

Always check with the casino host for the current cruise promotions.

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We consider playing games in the casino as a form of entertainment that has an associated cost for the experience. Our focus is to minimize financial losses and enjoy the comps along the way…If you or someone you know has a gambling problem or concerns with gambling responsibly, please call the 24-hour Problem Gambler’s Helpline at 1.800.522.4700

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FREE CRUISE Craps Strategy: Practice Session before my next cruise.

3 thoughts on “FREE CRUISE Craps Strategy: Practice Session before my next cruise.

  1. Hey good morning! Great prep session. Quick question. I saw another video about free cruises, and his message was to buy in big on the outset, have a stop loss in place, and to make yourself known to the casino hostess,manager etc upon arrival to the casino. Are these shared thoughts, or do you tweak it a bit. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks for the content! I've been conservative in my craps play on cruises in the past and saved my normal play for Vegas. I'm just now getting wise to Club Royale and the benefits thanks to you and some other posts that lead me this way. I'll be on Mariner in January and am looking forward to see where my points land.

    I do have a quick question if you happen to know. I haven't found an answer elsewhere yet. Do you know if Royal requires the vig for buying the 4 and 10 up front? I see you paid ahead in the video but you mentioned "if" you have to pre-pay so I wasn't sure if there was a standard on Royal.

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