Understand the element of Random Casino Craps( Dice Reaction)

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So you want to be the best! You want to throw a monster roll you need to know this stuff .Your mind tells you I’m going to practice like no tomorrow and then I’ll be able to roll 40 or 59 rolls of the dice. Maybe. But there is a lot that has to happen for you to get these long rolls of the dice. A lot has to go right and there is always an element of randomness. Watch this video comment on your experience on long or maybe short rolls of the dice. let’s help get random data out there on my comments. After all we are all Crap Enthusiasts searching for answers…. Good Luck and Break a leg at the Crap Tables! lol Hate to say it but it’s all random.Long rolls just happen …….Same as short rolls…. It always balances to the casinos favor. Play responsible.

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Understand the element of Random Casino Craps( Dice Reaction)

3 thoughts on “Understand the element of Random Casino Craps( Dice Reaction)

  1. People who set dice ALWAYS believe they are the reason they had a long roll. I've played dice for 40 years, and have never seen anyone "control" the dice. No one comes close. Personally, I don't care if someone sets the dice. Just don't take forever doing it.

  2. Total agree with the people that are taking to long with the dice , I can’t really stand it!!!! And also be lose with the mechanics don’t be so tied with the dice because no one can control the dice, thank for the tip about accepting randomness and don’t try to control it…

  3. I practice setting dice on my twelve foot table in my basement, and it does make a difference. On different sets I throw different numbers. It doesn’t work all the time, but it does quite often.

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