Good craps strategy? The Direct Lay

Craps Strategy Video Information:

An explanation of the direct lay, how it works and how it pays, and the viability of the bet.

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Good craps strategy?  The Direct Lay

5 thoughts on “Good craps strategy? The Direct Lay

  1. each number layed is a separate bet, so if you lay the back wall, $30 each number and the 7 hits you will owe a 5% commission on each number layed ( $ 1 each number ) …….

  2. Take advantage of the rounding down of the vig. For example, lay $78 on 4/10 for a $1 vig vs. $1.95. That brings down the house edge to 1.27%. Better than the passline! Also never lay $20 on 4/10 because the vig is .50 and you end up paying $1.

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