Bovada Blackjack – High Limit | Glitch in the system?

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Bovada Blackjack – High Limit | Glitch in the system?

10 thoughts on “Bovada Blackjack – High Limit | Glitch in the system?

  1. Have you tried playing the “Fairy Wins’ slot on Ignition?

    …Progressive jackpot, up to 25 Free Spins with a Potential (Max) 10x Multiplier.

    My wife won (and smartly withdrew) 1 months salary while playing $24.00 in $0.02 bets just last week! (She luckily received three 25 Free Spins with an average 6x Multiplier before the first 10 Free Spins were completed)

    Like your channel👍🏼

    Going to share the “Night with Cleo” video with my wife…I can already feel my wallet getting lighter

  2. I wonder if people are being sarcastic about bovado blackjack saying there rigged. I've done better here then in an actual casino. I generally double or triple what I start with and leave.

  3. Love the blackjack vids! Would you say you come out positive more times than negative when playing?

  4. People that play improperly dont screw you over, that’s a myth. They have the same chance of taking a card you need vs taking a card you didn’t. After watching your videos you need to study up on gambling, especially video poker. You play so many hands wrong. Always play perfect strategy, learn what you’re doing. You’re gambling with thousands of dollars

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