Gradual Betting Strategy for Craps (New Strategy)

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This is not a betting system or a get rich quick type of betting strategy. If you enjoy playing craps and want the most bang for your buck then try my betting strategy.

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Gradual Betting Strategy for Craps (New Strategy)

10 thoughts on “Gradual Betting Strategy for Craps (New Strategy)

  1. Good strategy if you can get DC's on the 4 and 10 but you are losing $5 on the field when you hit a 5, 6 or 8 so if you hit a 6 or 8 you don't win $7, you win $2 and if you hit a 5 you win nothing. because you lost $5 on the field.

    Suggestion: Place a $10 Passline AND a $10 Don't Pass (DP) to start, then hedge the $25 DC with a DP odds bet of $60 which would pay $30 ($5 profit) if you 7 out =). If you establish a DC point or 4 or 10, even a 5 or 9 (more risky) leave the odds up for a roll or two hoping to get a 7. If you DC on the 6 or 8 REMOVE the DP Odds bet and hedge against the DC by placing a $12 place bet on it so if you hit a 6 or 8 w a DC on it you will only lose $13 opposed to $25. Also consider taking down all place bets after 5 or 6 rolls.

    One thing I've noticed is that when I'm up about 30%, most streaks are over – time to take the money and run or take a break.

  2. i like gradual but i still dont understand the video.. im new to craps but i know the basic of pass or don't pass. . i will watch the video a few more times..

  3. tested it on Wizardofodds myself, and man when the losses come they come hard. Missed the Don't come 8 times in a row for a 200 dollar lose right at the start. Took me about an hour to climb back up to even. I can see this strat keeping you at the table for a long period of time to maximize your chances of getting lucky and winning, or at least getting comped for the buffet lol.

  4. What if you bought a $20 no 4 and no 10 when your $25 DC was at risk to a 7. Then, if a 4 or 10 did roll, you could move the remaining no 4 or 10 to lay odds on your DC. It would be on the 4 or 10, which are great DC numbers. You could drop $2 on eleven cover you completely.

  5. It's possible to win at no craps table bet the come out no odds. then keeping making come bets no odds. you have to keep increasing your come bet to cover all your bets. if you seven out before you repeat any number you come out even and if it's a hot table you'll be collecting on every roll

  6. you should just play the don't pass its the same risk but if a point is out then sure start the system on the DC

  7. You should look into the iron crapper you place the money on the don't come or for you the dc to cover your place bets so if a seven comes out after a point you push and you make money if the shooter is rolling point numbers, also double the units on the point so if the point is made it will reduce the loss on your don't pass bet or don't come bet low risk play but if the shooter is shooting 7 or 11 on the come out roll it will take a long time to recover those losses

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