10 thoughts on “How to Choose a Craps Dice Set That Will Help You WIN! Hardway vs. V Sets

  1. Softening the flat side landing practice at single pitch on axle numbers with the hard way set helps to have confirmation bias from you is enough for me to learn one way only.I am starting to learn the soft touch 45 degree elbow swing for a new craps player learning this is key. Thank you Dom for the informed player has an edge to the game.

  2. how does parlay work? say i bet 5 dollars on eleven and it came. it pays 15 to 1. i tell the dealers to parlay the bet and it comes again. what is the payout?

  3. I thought the double pitch is goin forward on axis u explain it one dice flip forward and the other sideways ?

  4. Hey, I love the HW set too. I also like using the 6/1 axis with the sixes kissing. Same result if only one die goes off axis. If you put a 5/2 on top and 3/3 facing you only two double pitch 7’s no single pitch 7’s but two primary hit 7’s. The key is keeping at least one die on axis. I don’t know if the dominator will actually read this. But I’d like to thank him and Frank for those awesome books they did together. You two are my hero’s. Your books and ground breaking work on dice control is legendary. You two along with the writings of the mad professor and Stanford Won gave me what was needed to develop the skill. I am a much happier Craps player thanks to y’all. All the best sir. As I say lucks got very little to do with it.

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