10 thoughts on “Great Strategy for a 500$ Bankroll!

  1. Thanks Waylon, although that was a very “friendly” rollout, the 4/10 ladder is proven to work consistently even when the rollout is not as “friendly”. I like the constant 6/8 bets, but they can be taken off, or changed to 5&9 if you hit a run of no 6&8’s, or even laddered up if you need to catch up. (you might need a bigger bankroll if you decide to add the ladder option though). Cheers. Rob

  2. Instead of a 18 dollar 6 – 8 and a 10 dollar 4 – 10 what would the bets be for a 25 dollar table Thanks Waylon

  3. My question is a 18 dollar 6 and 8 and a 10 dollar 4 and 10 cannot be played on a 25 dollar table what should the place bets be if at a 25 dollar table

  4. Hi Waylon. I love these moderate bankroll ($500. or less ) strategies. Very helpful. Peace, brother!

  5. Playing this , depending on the hot shooter I quess? You hit more 4 and 10 then 5 and 9 , what happen if it was the opposite can you still play the 5 and 9 the same way? 😊

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