HEADS-UP SHOWDOWN! Jungleman vs Weisman | $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha

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Dylan Weisman has come to the Lodge to face off against Jungleman! High stakes HEADS UP PLO action with expert commentary from Mike Brady! Get ready for a unique experience!

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The Lodge Card Club is a members-only social club in Round Rock, Texas (just north of Austin). With 24/7 cash games and 2+ tournaments per day, The Lodge is THE place to play poker in central Texas.

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You never know what you might see on The Lodge Live stream. You might see Pocket Aces vs Pocket Kings. You may see the nut straight lose to a full house after the board pairs on the river. There’s a good chance you will see loads of straddles (and double straddles, and triple straddles). Players go all-in blind or play poker hands after looking at just one card. That’s just what poker is like in Texas!

The stream regularly features Lodge owners Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme, and Doug Polk. Players like Rampage, Mariano, Jungleman, Jamie Kerstetter, Scott Ball, and Bill Perkins have also graced The Lodge Live felt. And who knows? One day The Lodge may even host players like Daniel Negreanu, Phil Hellmuth, Phil Ivey, or similarly huge poker names.

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HEADS-UP SHOWDOWN! Jungleman vs Weisman | $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha

9 thoughts on “HEADS-UP SHOWDOWN! Jungleman vs Weisman | $50/$100 Pot Limit Omaha

  1. Jungle man is a great car player. He’s really interesting he’s different.

  2. This commentator and dylan remind me of people who talk like they are smarter then what they really are. Nobody has an edge over Jungle. Just cause he acts dumb they think they have an edge until he felts them. A lot of talk early and he quiets them at the end. Why Dwan took off to china didn't finish hu vs Jungle. They don't realize the beast he is until they don't have any money left. Anyone says someone has an edge on Jungle hu ate to many paint chips as a kid.

  3. This was unwatchable because of Dylan. First time I haven’t made it through a lodge video.

  4. Ruh roh. Jungle making too much sense, someone should cancel him straight away 😂

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