10 thoughts on ““Hold my Beer” Strategy! $$$$

  1. Yessir yessir yessir!! I have played a very similar strategy to this many of times and won big. The laddering takes it to the next level…love it! Thanks for sharing bubba!

  2. That’s $1300 in 20 minutes… with Random Randy shooting! Every time he tossed a 7 you made $80…sweet to make $80 when you 7 out… with $110 on the table…and after you made $35-$70 on that $110!👍👍😎

  3. I've watched a bunch of your videos and you are really amazing… I have a very limited bankroll!!! in your opinion what is the best strategy i should use…. If you haven't made a video, you can make a video as well I would appreciate that very much

  4. Waylon, this is a genius strategy. I love how the Lay 4 & 10 are tilted to the high probability of the Seven. Any hits inside is pure gravy. Your inventive mind blows me away! Thanks again.

  5. Man Waylon, I don't know between this one and the one they're both awesome but I really like this one a lot. I'm going to save up some money and this is the one that I'm going to try. thanks again.

  6. Thank you so much for the videos. Every time I think I have a few favorite strategies, a new great one comes along.

  7. Just rolled out the Hold my Beer on my table Waylon and won $1,130 in 40 min! I’m hitting the bricks!!! Lol!!😂

  8. Great video! Do you wait for the point to be established before placing bets? Do you keep all bets on or off during the come out roll?

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