How to press your winnings – craps betting strategy

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How to press your winnings is a craps betting strategy the uses the 6 and 8 and does a full press or parlay of each hit, until you have made a total of 4 hits on one number before you collect. This strategy uses a total investment of $10 per shooter, and a chance to win big money. I called this strategy the “Hitting for the Cycle” strategy. I relate it to hitting for the cycle in baseball, and getting 4 hits; a single, double, triple, and finally a home run in one game.
This is a craps 6 and 8 strategy.

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How to press your winnings – craps betting strategy

10 thoughts on “How to press your winnings – craps betting strategy

  1. Two (2) numbers, four (4) hits, on each number I presume, and NO sevens (7s)? Sir, wake-up, you're definitely dreaming "lollypops"!

  2. I prefer the half press, although I usually have come bets working too, so if I'm hitting other numbers I may do a full press, but generally a half press to try to get some profit back, at least until you're really rolling with a shooter and then you may want to throw caution to the wind. Also, for me, I would throw some more on the six if I kept hitting the eight over and over. There's no right way to play of course, although some strategies lose faster than others.

  3. By betting $6 on a 6/8 and getting paid $7, you are getting 6/7 odds. The actual odds on a 6 or 8 is 5/6. So why wouldn’t you bet either $5 or $10 to get the real odds of a $6 or $12 payout?

  4. Just found your channel and I had to say out of all the strategies I’ve watched I didn’t quite like this one in theory. However, I just tried it on my home board to test it out. I started with $200 like you did. I was down to about $40 and I hit the home run twice in a row(on the 8 then the 6) to “take home” $156 if I counted right. I don’t think I would use it in a casino, but it can work and it is relatively conservative in terms of the starting bankroll.

  5. Awsome videos. I played for the first time last week and had fun. I was confused as to when I can collect place bets or come out bets. Can I collect them at any time the game is "on"? I saw you took down the place bets when you felt like recouping but what about come bets?

  6. does the table minimum only apply to the pass/dont pass and field bets etc? excluding horns

  7. I liked this video a lot … Liked the new intro/opening (the dice smacking in your hand at the beginning). Glad you won it !! (It's a rough one) Keep it up !!

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