10 thoughts on “How to Win at Craps (Strategy 2) *More Aggressive* *Bigger Payout*

  1. Problem with this system is that there is a very high chance that you will end up in the situation where you will be risking a LOT of money for a very small potential. It will happen a lot where you end up risking $300 to win $10 etc

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  3. Try the Field 568 method:
    Essentially place a bet on the field, the 5, the 6, and the 8. The important part is the increment at which your betting, so say your increment is 5 dollars. Put 25 dollars on the field, 25 dollars on the 5, 30 dollars on the 6, and 30 dollars on the 8. As long as the number doesn't come up as 7 you will win money. Don't change the amount after you win though, just restock it to whatever it was.

  4. Hardways hit very rarely. Have u ever played at a real casino? Can go broke betting hardways every time. I used to keep up with them in my mind, if one hasn't hit in a few hours then I'd bet on it.
    Or only other way I'd bet on them is to hedge with a don't pass or don't come for maybe 50 & then a 50 on one of the hardways. One night in particular that system worked a few times I left with over a 1000$. Hit one for 50 & it pays 450

  5. This strategy bad! This is no difference to playing the LOTTERY – hoping for a big payout which normally does not happen. This is why they call this kind of betting SUCKER BETS.

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