Craps Dice Control Part 1: The Eight Physical Elements to Play & Win!

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Dice control in Craps consists of eight physical elements in order to win. The Dominator’s elements from this video will teach you where to stand, how to scan the dice, and how to set the dice. This is a three part video series that will teach you how to gain the skills to be in control of your gambling experience!

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Craps Dice Control Part 1: The Eight Physical Elements to Play & Win!

10 thoughts on “Craps Dice Control Part 1: The Eight Physical Elements to Play & Win!

  1. Dice control is not for the small minded. Yet it's good ole fashion basic common sense at the same time. I'm still developing my throw the hard/maybe stupid way at the Casino table. I'm far far far away from the Legend Dom or a truly perfected shot. An to the skeptics/closed minds when you roll 8 at least 4-5 times in a row using the 3V set. At that point no one can tell you it's not possible. You to busy focusing on improving & fully capitalizing monetary wise. Before they start banning you like Dom & others.

  2. I’ve noticed with me setting the all seven “10” comes up more often than my usual 3V

  3. After watching these videos and practice. I had a 1 hr and 35 min roll in Harrah's lake Tahoe. In 2017

  4. always thought i was a good craps player,watched your videos on dice control.visited vegas in july 2018.not only did i increase my winnings ,but to my surprise ,all the other players were claping at all my throws i hit the point more often ,ran the table for over 35 mins during one play you can imagine my surprise.thank you thank you thank you DAN

  5. at 5:40 he says "always have a pair of dice with you" ….. if you do, you better keep them away from the craps table

  6. OH , and setting the dice has absolutely no determination of how they will settle after the toss…. when the dice bounce , it becomes random

  7. I lost $200 and $400 on two separate casino trips. Frustrated, I looked on YouTube and tracked onto your videos. I watched them for a few hours, practiced with mini monopoly dice, and completed a solo run at the casino, using your throwing technique with the hard way set. I started with $100 and walked out with $460 within a few hours! I’m going to continue to practice and go again soon! Thanks for your teachings!

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