Live Casino Craps Game #3: Card Craps

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Live casino craps game filmed at the Hard Rock Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is not your typical craps game. In Oklahoma dice are prohibited, so they use cards instead. It’s a 36 card deck with each card representing one of the 36 possible dice combinations. The deck of cards is passed to the shooter who inserts a cut card.

I know it’s bizarre, but I wanted to upload it because there isn’t anything else like it on YouTube.

Other things you should know:
1. It’s only a $3 minimum bet table
2. Each player has to pay a $1 ante for each come-out roll, or whenever they make their first bet after the point has been established.

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Live Casino Craps Game #3: Card Craps

10 thoughts on “Live Casino Craps Game #3: Card Craps

  1. So glad they got rid of this bullbad. Now – if everyone got together and BOYCOTTED any casino that charged that 50 cents a hand/$1 on bets over $100 – they would QUICKLY get rid of THAT bullbad, TOO.

  2. Been in there. $1 OK tax every ante up to play. Utter bullbad. CA has the same gig without the tax.

  3. Oklahoma casinos now have “real” craps with dice. Some even pay the ante out of their cut (the player doesn’t have to pay extra).

  4. The video was fine, but craps without dice is like the morning without sunshine! I couldn't go beyond 43 seconds. I love craps, but this looks like a real boring game. I hope I never play it.

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