10 thoughts on “Craps Hacking| Casino Craps , Dice Secrets | What They Don’t Want You To Know

  1. Honestly with the Sg the weight don't matter if you can keep your dice flying tight it's on of the reasons I love the grip so much because your not counting on the same amount of spin on the dice only difference would be the touch down bounce but shooting in the hook eliminated the excessive bounce out for me with the Sg I almost always shoot to the opposite hook it's my bread and butter once it gets dialing in, and casino dice are a bit larger than the blue dice we buy off amazon it's not much but the decommissioned dice I have are a little larger image prefer the larger dice for my hands tbh I have smaller ones from a casino as well and I get the same results with the Sg, and I disagree with your buddy the more we have to watch and learn the more gets stored in our subconscious and let's our brain chew on it while we are working on the one we use for the day and helps with other grips to know that minor changes produce major results and give us more to go to when on grip stops working I want as much knowledge as fast as I can get it personally the more we study the sharper we are just like going to school imo

  2. Regarding the dice, think of it this way. Are there any sports ( 1 exception golf ) where you practice with the same ball as competitive play ? The dice in practice is nothing more than a tool to refine your skill.

  3. CK, Thanks for responding to my questions!  I understand it now brother.  I just need to get some shooting in at the casino.  I'm still watching you brother.  You've got lots of deep thoughts playing this game!

  4. I guess this is the video that BT is referring to saying that you 'trolled' him….I don't see it and I am glad you are sticking to your guns. I don't agree about the drilled dice, but then again I don't have to, to still respect you and what you do. I understand you are using them to get the feel of the dice because that is where you play but precision dice are made to be weighted the same on all sides and drilling a hole affects that. The randomness, according the casino is no longer their. Not that it matters to us DI's but me personally I like to mimic the conditions as close as possible to the casino. I understand the dilemma though, but in the casino we won't be throwing dice with holes drilled in them. This is not a hater's comment so don't think that, in the end it's all about positive results for you and me…keep on keeping on!

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