Las Vegas Live Craps | Ellis Island

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Thank you to Ellis Island for hosting a table for the Color Up Club during DiceCon.

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Las Vegas Live Craps | Ellis Island

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Live Craps | Ellis Island

  1. Can anyone keep thier rolls on the table? Other casinos would tell you to leave after so many oscars (old boatvterm for overboard). Most casinos won't let you use a camera, how did you not get confronted by the pit boss?

  2. Good game. Do you play the don't? I go both ways depending on the table. I know you become familiar with table felt. Thank you enjoyed the vlog.

  3. Hey , i love your channel. How did you get away with filming the table game ? Every time i pull out my go pro they say nonono

  4. Why is the one guy adding come bets but then not adding odds to those bets? Makes no sense to me

  5. Was at dt grand last week started with 600 left with 1100.. paid for the hotel
    $5 table very frustrating though only half a table was active fir the 3 days I was there not enough dealers I guess so it was hard to get in sometimes but great dealers think they are nicer and btr than the strip

  6. Brother your videos helped me learn craps so fast. Last night was my first ever craps game. Could only find a $15 table off the strip but I figured out the math for that split the sisters strat and did great. I really appreciate you and your videos, if I see you out there I'll have to buy you a drink!

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