Low Risk Growth Strategy – Craps Betting Strategy

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Today I roll a low risk growth strategy. This craps betting strategy was developed by Brent(YouTube) This low risk strategy starts with a don’t come bet, followed by come bets with three unit odds. Once two come bets are established you lay odds on your don’t pass number. If you are hitting the points with odds, this can be a very effective craps betting strategy with low risk compared to the potential winnings. Enjoy, and good luck on coloring up!
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Low Risk Growth Strategy – Craps Betting Strategy

10 thoughts on “Low Risk Growth Strategy – Craps Betting Strategy

  1. I like your haircut btw god only made so many perfect heads the rest he put hair on them

  2. at 10:20 your come bet on the 9 should be a win when you roll a 7 on come out roll? since come bet = pass line right?

  3. Why are you putting up $15 in odds on the Come bet 9? You need an even number since that win would pay 3 for 2! It is suppose to be either $14 or $16, $14 would pay $21 and $16 would pay $24. That oddball amount works perfect on the 6,8,4,10. Of course you must have noticed this about the odds on the 5 or 9.OK sorry about that you cover it later in the video at 16 mins, my mistake.

  4. You neglect to tell us if the Come bets on the numbers that get there are working or not on the subsequent Come out roll. I think you are assuming that they are not working or live. This strategy would be brutally bad if the guy makes a point number(you're on the Don't Pass ) then he throws a 7 on the next Come out, holy beejesus you will lose your Don't pass then lose all your Come bets and just get the odds returned. That bad so you're losing 2 DP bets and all the flat bets on the established Come bets. Yikes then it forces your wager back on the DP for another shot. I don't like it.

  5. Thanks for showing an honest example. I've noticed in some of your videos, that the strategy on display doesn't always work as well as you would hope. Thanks for not editing for best results, and giving an honest showing. I really appreciate that! This looks like a fun system!

  6. Be careful with making come bets on the 1st roll after the come out roll. Crap numbers tend to pop up often on those. Put a buck or two on C & E just in case.

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