10 thoughts on “My Best 2021 “GO TO” Vegas Craps Betting Strategy

  1. I like the strategy Three questions: why not play four through 10 numbers next question why not play the don’t pass and last question why not play them on the come out roll out?

  2. Hi, I love ur thoughts and I do something like that just five rolls total and reduce all my bets to one unit each .I just play the 6/8 and press every 2 hits and after I reduced my 6:8 I press and collect. My dice set is 5/1 5/4, thank you for all ur doing for all us here.

  3. That's how u make more ppl our community better winners! Let's face it, every person rolling the dice is not gonna roll pass the average. With method the only way ur bankroll gets popped is everyone gives u a Las Vegas breakfast…2rolls with no coffee. Thx AZ.

  4. Like this strategy a lot. I might go back and forth from pass to don’t pass line depending on how the dice are landing. Thanks AZ!

  5. If the table minimum is 10 why don't you play 10 on the pass line? Then instead of 25 odds, you could do 40 odds. Then if you hit the point, you make more profit.

  6. I like this strategy on my table at home. I got the 6/8 up to $1K from a $30 bet! I wonder how it would work in Vegas.

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