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  1. To those of you who have never tried this, It DOES work! Sometimes it will not work (No craps method works every time) but if you stick to the rules you will make a ton more money than you will lose! Just go in, make $50 and then stop. Have breakfast and start over. Rinse and repeat. But it really does work!

  2. Here is my Vegas video.

    “Play craps. It’s fun! You are probably going to lose but you may win, and I have won a little bit. Here is some suggestions.”

    Play Pass Line OR Don’t Pass. Come OR Don’t Come. Play the maximum odds allowed by the Casino. Place the 6 and 8. That’s it, you are done! These are the best bets with the lowest house edge of ALL the games in the casino.

    DONT play the Proposition Bets. Worst bet is any 7 which is a whopping 16.6% edge. The prop box is something like 11%. Same with the Hardways.

    Don’t play the Field unless 12 plays Triple money and then don’t fool with it. If you are ahead with your 6 and 8 bets on a “hot roll” maybe bet the 5 and 9.

    Don’t listen to this guy.

  3. this is not even a 'pass-no pass system'. but i show you a few.

    1. even money pass no pass at house minimum with intent to take odds on the point
    2. even money pass no pass at house minimum with intent to lay odds on the dont
    3. $35 on the dont $5 on the pass. take at least $30 odds with the point. or take enough odds with the point that the net profit of the point coming in is equal to or more than the $30 (net) that you initially risked (example: point is '5'. take $40 odds with which pays $60. subtract the $30(net risk) on the dont and you have a $30 profit. on the comeout you risked $30. with point established you THEN had a new risk of $10 to get $30 when taking $40 odds.) in a casino offering 10X ODDS.
    4. al's "system" is not dodont because his progression does not require making BOTH BETS. you are either trying to win on the pass (without odds) or on the dont (without odds) where the opposing bet makes no positive difference in any way shape or form whereas taking any amount of action on the dont with a $5 bet on the pass risks you the posibility of losing $5 for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON WHATSOEVER IF 12 ROLLS!

    1. pure odds payout. and no risk of losing on snake eyes or 3 on the comeout. no risking flat bets on the pass when my point will get paid PURE ODDS minus the occasional 12 on the comeout.
    2. avoid losing money to naturals(7/11) on the comeout by neutralizing the dont with the pass. playing for pure odds minus the occasional 12 on the comeout.
    3.an intermittent technique. not to be done continuously. for obvious reasons namely a landslide of consecutive losses that will make your head spin. as long as you dont roll a natural on the comeout, you have whatever advantage you like until the hand is decided. no one will ever time this up perfectly and will endure a lot of naturals coupled with points not winning either.
    4. if you want to win on flat bets on the dont pass without taking odds then you DONT MAKE A PASSLINE BET. if you want to win a flat on the pass without taking odds then you DONT RISK AN EXTRA $5 TO COVER A $5 DONT PASS BET. BY DOING AS HE DOES (AND CONTACTING HIM) you are letting him know that you are a loveing moron who can be talked into more bullbad systems. this is not a PASS/NO PASS system it is a progression which loses when 8 passes or no passes occur simultaneously. YOU DONT MAKE BOTH loveING BETS. if you play al's system i bet you also eat tide pods.

  4. I'm a craps dealer. Shes a natural. Her pom poms scraping the rail, shes a winner, and I'll hold her spot when she goes to pee. What happens when u have the 1200 on the dont line and 7 rolls

  5. Lol, “if you lose your kids college fund, the best he will ever be is a bus driver in his lifetime I guarantee.”
    How does your actions determine what he his capable of. This dude is a joke, thanks for the laugh professor😂

  6. It's just a glorified Martingdale, nothing more. It will work with an unlimited bankroll taken to infinity but not in the real world.

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