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The 3 point blender is two dc with place bets and a point. than once all established we wait for our numbers to be hit. at that point we go back to step 2 looking for a 2nd dc to land.

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10 thoughts on “CRAPS-3point BLENDER

  1. Heading to the casino down in Columbus next Monday to try this. Excited to see how it works! Great video!

  2. Just hit the Jack for 100$ in 39 min. Will be adding the field ladder later I was thinking about but will let this ride out first.

  3. Press, GeorgefromCy left his live stream on at If you have his phone number, please let him know. Thanks.

  4. I like that you’re trying a new idea where you have place bets and insurance bets but I don’t see how this works in the long run to be a profitable strategy. If the shooter sevens out early then you lose money. You can’t make money on a short roll because you’re likely to lose five dollars each on the six and eight. You can’t make money on a good shooter because he’s going to be making points on you and you’re going to be losing your don’t pass all the time.. I know I’m being critical but based on my real world experience and I play several times a week I don’t see how this wins…

  5. How do you change your strategy so that you can win on a shooter that only rolls three or four times and hits the point?

  6. Why do you have to wait on the 3rd number to place a bet on the point. Why dont U do that from the beginning

  7. Dope strategy. Was at the tables and tried it. Even tried to place another DC bet for a 4-point blender when a hot shooter was on. Good times. Thanks for this.

  8. By pass the come out and start with a DC. Then you don't lose to a string of CO sevens. Limit your loss to one unit per shooter on a point seven.

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