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  1. Great 👍🏽 stuff Waylon. I like it to. I’ll try rolling this out and tell ya how it turned out. I also like the idea of playing this with all the outside numbers with the same progression. The outside 4 banger..😂 The ladder up ladder down really does well, I like the fact your only increasing by $25 each PSO…keeps your bankroll a lot safer. Good stuff brother. Appreciate you!!

  2. hello, I love your videos, I have a small bankroll (100 dollars) and I have a casino 15 minutes from my house, I can go there several times a week,
    question: what is the best strategy for you to slowly increase my bankroll, I play bubble craps at a minimum of 1 dollars, and I have patience.
    I had thought of:
    The Baccarat 4&10 Strategy!
    but you present so many methods, that I don't know anymore, lol, thank you
    ps: I also thought of doing a martingale x3 on a lay 4 or 10 , but….

  3. Thank you
    OK the bet system is Called
    Pisces Ion.
    It is a ALL Hop Bet System.
    Our inside numbers are
    Tops(dice facing up)
    2/1 4/5 5/6 and [ 3/2]which produces the most numbers were betting on especially if YOU are shooting.
    9 hop bets $2 = $18 bet
    We Hop the 4's 5's 7's and 10's
    $18 includes the hardways as well.14 out of the 36 combo .
    By itself . You can factor dice control or [Rot)random over time.
    Level 1 pays $14 dollars 15 to 1($2bet pays#30-$16 that loss=$14.
    And $44 hardway. 2× every level after.
    A cycle (session) is
    36 rolls
    Bankroll is designed to level 10
    (Simply because of the odds of a 4,5,7 and 10 not rolling once in 9 rolls.
    On numbers alone 4,5,7 and 10
    Is 2.6 to roll on average.
    Once you hit go back to level 1. You can be done at Anytime as long as you Win on your last bet.
    This is the formula for Pisces Ion made by King Jones

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