Poker player Learns How to Play Craps

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Poker Player Learns How to Play Craps
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Poker player Learns How to Play Craps

7 thoughts on “Poker player Learns How to Play Craps

  1. Potato, I learned by going to a casino with a friend who taught me. Then I read a book, and played online for fun. Then Iā€™d go to the casino and observe, and ask questions of players when they finished and were leaving.

  2. I'm a 75 year old lady who grew up in Vegas and now I am a Vegas regular. I always found craps very intimidating so I never tried to play.
    I stuck to table games like blackjack and roulette. One day, I decided to make myself learn how to play craps. I started out with a few field bets.
    I studied and studied and studied. I would get brave enough to come back to the table and actually make a few bets and roll the dice šŸŽ² .
    Watching this channel has been a tremendous help. After about a year, I finally feel confident enough to play without making any big faux pas.
    I know that I can always ask the dealers if I need help.
    Learning to play craps is one of the best decisions that I have ever made!

  3. As an early riser, I was walking through Harrah's one early morning and passed some bored dealers at a quarter craps table (yes 25 cents). "Gimme a dollar". They spent the next hour or two teaching me the basics. Shout out to those guys for a very cheap lesson!

  4. Wonderful video! Back a few years ago I ran into a "poker player" that was watching the craps table I did a 45 minute roll. I got to 4 on the 5+ FireBet, but I was tired by now and wanted to get off the table (and did not have a FireBet). I pulled all my bets and hit the 7 3 rolls later. Me and the poker guy started to talk 12 hours later when he grabbed my arm at 48 minutes after midnight and after I lost $400 and had $25 left in my bankroll. He offered to bank me for $1500 from a team of players that were at the table previously I was working, I turned him down because I was pretty tired: "If this $25 I have does not win – I am going to sleep." He was very mad, but agreed. He had my arm already, and pulled me to a table. I could see most of the guys that I saw at the "big win table" I was throwing at that morning. I bet $5 on the pass line and rolled a 7. Told the stickman: "I pass my roll". Everyone laughed. The dice went left to "poker guy". I charted him a few times during the day and he had about 4 rolls to 7 everytime. I waited for his 4th roll and put a Big Red for $10. He rolled a 4. I bet all my money on Big Red for $20. He turned to me saying: "Why are you betting against me?" He looked pretty mad too. I told him: "I am betting I can win the Casinos money, not your money! You asked me to this table and I need Money to bet with – YOU roll the 7 and I have $80 to work with! Do you want to roll a 7 now?" Poker Man was so mad at me! He did his best to roll and …. he rolled a 7. Then PokerMan said: "IF any of you want to win – Pass the DICE to this guy." I got my turn about then (everyone on the table was asked to be there from the guy that won at the table I man at that morning) . I got the dice one minute later! LOL. I asked everyone at the table: "If you give a dollar bet on the FIREBET to the Dealers/boxman we can have a very friendly game." There were 12 players on the table and we all put in a Dollar. (the reason for this: Dealers can only get $1 for a FIREBET from any person – BUT there is no limit to players at the table.) I got the 5 number FireBet and did not want any more. I walked to cash for $900. I could have made tons more, but did not know I was on a winning streak.

  5. I can guess you guys stop the dice for at least another hour, and I hope you have another video coming of that.

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