10 thoughts on “Real craps Game At Planet Hollywood, Part 2

  1. Watching people go on heaters like this reminds me not to say 2 points on pass, now they gotta crap the 3rd time, don't pass from here on out. Enjoyed the video, once again I cant see how I wasnt in any video. I spent almost 4 days there all day at those tables last week

  2. Gamblers Fallacy my Butt you had a hot shooter instead of walking away even you could have made 5k if you placed all the points …You can keep your discipline Ill take the $$$

  3. I saw a black guy shootin dice like he was shootin hoops once Pissed me off bad… I had to leave in a hurry

  4. why is that table still in play?!?!? It clearly has a flaw in it. Helped the casino out with the first guy hitting it and sevened out…..last guy made up for it though. 😉

  5. Power press .. about 100k… Hit after hit for$5k max bet… $10k.. $10k.. $10k.. $10k… 2-1 odds

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