10 thoughts on “Craps | This Throw Counters The CASINOS BOUNCY Tables

  1. I noticed that you used the same set for the come out roll. Am I suppose to maintain the that set all the time?

  2. CK.. I was wondering if this has the same effect with using the yuri grip and spinning it vertically… could u try it out? thanks man.. love your vids and BTs..

  3. I registered and subscribed so I can just thank you. I’m in NY and they opened a brand new casino 5 mins away from me. I looked up bouncy craps table and stumbled on this. I used this power stacked grip and the first time I attempted which was this last Saturday and had the dice one time and hit the small all and tall and rolled a 30. I came back cause I banged them for 3000 so I went back Monday AM and banged them again for all small and tall again. Thank you bro your a beast.

  4. DAC u rule. Question have u used the forward spin "non stack grip"? If so where should the dice hit the table before it hits the back wall. I use it but sometimes my dice jumps the table using the forward spin. Thanks

  5. Don't know if the power grip matters as much as where it lands on the table. I use the 3V and look to land the dice about 4" from the backboard w/ a pendulum arm motion. On bouncy tables, its all about minimizing the roll after it hits the wall. When other shooters just throw the dice I either don't play or will play the don't pass line

  6. I do not see your release.  Are you throwing overhand underhand or trying to throw without spin keeping them stacked?

  7. Get yourself a Rottweiler. They don't bark much at all. You'll thank me later!

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