10 thoughts on “The Almighty Lay 4 Strategy! $$$

  1. Very strong strategy. Using the 7 against the 4 is very smart. Over the long run, I don’t see it losing if you have a big enough bankroll. Thanks again for the videos.

  2. Absolutely marvelous! I'm going for it tomorrow with $2k…bubble craps here I come…what a mind you have Mr.Wizard

  3. Seems like I roll an insane amount of 4s and 10s on the bubble. Scares me. But I just practiced it at half this level. So $1000 bankroll. Lay 75 with $27 on other numbers. Up $25 on the 4.
    Was up about 100 then the 4s came. Got to $225 level on 4s and about 150 in bankroll left. Then the math of the 7s took over. Only maybe 3 come out 7s so it could have been much better, but I got all the way back to base and had a profit of $663. Boom

  4. Bubble craps $3 level would be
    Lay $45. Then 3,4,4,3,3 on other numbers. Up $15 on the 4. $500 bankroll.
    Same as playing as waylon is here just a smaller level

  5. I would like to see you "beating the casino " with out regression like on crapsee..πŸŽ‰πŸ˜Š

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