10 thoughts on “New Roulette Strat Preview. I have not busted yet. But, I’m Trying.

  1. i checked out your video to see if you we,re using my system, you,re not, i use a black red method too, but mines different , i,d tell you what it is but they,d stop roulette if everyone knew.

  2. I like to bet against the trend. I usually wait for a pattern of 5 such as red hitting the last 5 spins. I play up to 9 progressions. That means the next 9 spins would have to hit red for me to bust, for a total of 14 consecutive reds. The odds of that are very low. It will happen. I just gotta hope it doesn't happen to me. I use probability as my strategy.

  3. I think much better odds on baccarat with this cause Tie is a push.
    Why not think of a safer progression than suicide marty.
    Even +1/-2 is safer in long run.
    Any thoughts guys?
    I would definitely try it on Baccarat but just not when all the same. Needs a good pattern to bet the opposite

  4. I had a idea I've been looking into that Ive seen here but takes alot of patience.
    Wait until the same 4 pattern repeats than bet the opposite with 4 step marty. Your only risking 15 units & the probability of the same 4 pattern repeating 3 times in a row has to be crazy high.
    So example
    bet PPBP
    Same for roullete but I like this better for Baccarat
    Lmk any thoughts?

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