The COMEOUT HOP Don’t Pass Craps Strategy

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Introducing the COMEOUT HOP Don’t Pass Craps Strategy. Is there a craps betting strategy that can give you a chance to win even when the table’s not going your way? In other words, can a strategy be your friend most every time when you step up to the craps table? It is an elusive proposition. A strategy that works almost all the time. This strategy actually shows extreme promise. There is no such strategy that works 100%. even a master dice influencer can’t have a good night every night. I would like to introduce the Comeout Hop.

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The COMEOUT HOP Don’t Pass Craps Strategy

2 thoughts on “The COMEOUT HOP Don’t Pass Craps Strategy

  1. Hey guys. Wanted to let you know that session 2 will be posted on Thursday@ 630pm CST. So far, this betting strategy is the most promising I’ve used thus far. Stay tuned for more.

  2. Very interesting, with lots of hops in it like the ingredients of a good beer.

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