The Crossbow Craps Strategy – a better Iron Cross. Finally.

Craps Strategy Video Information:

The Crossbow is an Iron Cross variant is designed for short term play, to get you to a reasonable foundation in 3 rolls. This craps strategy features an attack on the horn in an effort to capitalize on the double payments with the field.

If you choose, this strategy can remain active long term, as it builds in a couple of ways to transition from it’s base into other styles of play.

==================== HOW TO PLAY =========================

$25 – 5
$30 – 6
$30 – 8
$10 – Field
$4 or $6 on the Horn

On a 5, 6, or 8, you will net $19
+ $35 Win
– $10 Loss in Field
– $6 loss on the Horn

2 or 12: Net will be $25 from the horn
3 or 11: Net will be $26 from the horn

All field wins will be pressed to 2 units

After 3 hits, you should be in the $50-$60 profit range. Depending on your foundation goal, that should be all you need.

Just avoid big red!



0:00 Introduction
1:32 How to play The Crossbow
6:35 Demonstration
16:34 Live Roll
40:55 Recap
42:35 THC

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The Crossbow Craps Strategy – a better Iron Cross. Finally.

10 thoughts on “The Crossbow Craps Strategy – a better Iron Cross. Finally.

  1. Love the strat! If you can please include starting bank roll and show progression on a start of each live roll just so we can get the idea just a little more! Thanks!!

  2. Great video John. I personally dont like the base iron cross at all….I do like the press mentality and the parlay/reinvest of the field wins….very strategic and thoughtful…many ways to reinvest the field…definitely play to the feel of the table. You are crushing it man!

  3. Hey, Bud. Wats Krak'n. U Kno the field is always on. Right. U Kno there is no off or on n the field. That money n the field is always live. Puck off or on.

  4. And btw. The horn is hot also. U can't turn ur horn bet off. I Kno u Kno this. For people who don't know how to play. Every time I put money n the horn and the field. The roll counts every time.

  5. My experience with craps is that MOST people SUCK and they are RANDOM shooters and they 7-out VERY quickly, so I would rather just use the Iron-cross for just 2-3 rolls MAX PER person and then when it comes to YOUR turn to shoot, you can invest MORE on yourself and keep up the Iron-cross longer – depending on how confident you are with your rolls – and then take it down or call it OFF when you fell it's appropriate and then just try to make your point of if you 7-out, just make sure that you make MORE money when that happens, compared to how much you have invested on your Pass line bet and odds bet!

  6. If I can find a table that can last 3 rolls I would be a millionaire. It’s always 2nd roll PSO… now your down $110, now u need a 6 roll to recoup. Another PSO on 2-6 rolls you need 10 roll shooter to break even. U start doing don’t pass iron cross…with $60 don’t pass.

  7. would this be at the top of your list of plays? If not what is your preferred method? I think transitioning to the don't pass, after a point has been made, is the best–the longer the roll the more likely you'll see the 7

  8. Like the strategy. But it has flaws. You need to work the field on come out. Any win in field move profit to same box number rolled instead of parlay. Your losing out on money that way.

  9. Doesn’t the house edge kill you from the start? You say just a few rolls. It’s the same bad odds isn’t it???

  10. Have you considered implementing the Martindale system with the Field as you play with the cross bow strategy?

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