The Poker Advice That Changed My Life

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This is the advice I received from a famous high stakes poker pro early on in my career. It changed everything about the game for me.

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The Poker Advice That Changed My Life

10 thoughts on “The Poker Advice That Changed My Life

  1. What's the best poker advice you ever got? Also, this is what keeps 90% of people losing at poker:

  2. I agree having confidence is key. Losing it leads to tilting. I'm not yet to the "I'm the best at every table" level, but I am confident I am one of the best at the table….if I'm wrong, it is time for a table change. I wish I could devote more time, but due to not being able to play online, my sessions have to be live, so if I have 4 hours of time to go play, I only am able to get in 3 or less due to driving there and potentially waiting for an open seat. I envy those of you that are able to still play online, I loved it before they took it away from my state.

  3. Great stuff Nathan. The best advice I ever got was "Always play with players with lesser skill than yourself." I used to clean up the "friendly" home game that I organized because I invited the players! This gave me the added advantage of knowing all the players, but they only knew me and one or two of the others. I stocked my own private fish pond and made sure everyone had fun. I realize this isn't helpful for casino or online play, but believe me, it was a tremendous side income for me back in the day!

  4. If your not studying, you're losing, no matter what. If you're not studying and you think your winning, then you're not keeping daily records, and that's just dumb

  5. Nathan, please can you start charging more for all your content, even video stuff via Patreon, so you don't get massive on here lol. I don't want to find harder microstakes trends forming from everyone learning from your content LOL

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