The Dallas Drawdown Craps Stratgy – Go big and bring it home!

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Everything is bigger in Texas. In this winning craps strategy, we’re talking about both the bets and the wins. This starts out big, and grinds out the win, putting you in a position to put away the profits.

Start with 4 units across the box numbers
For each of 3 hits – rack your win and regress by 1 unit across

After the 3rd hit, you’ll be left with a full across bet, your initial bet spread back in the rack AND a full unit in profit

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The Dallas Drawdown Craps Stratgy – Go big and bring it home!

6 thoughts on “The Dallas Drawdown Craps Stratgy – Go big and bring it home!

  1. Sound great but really this would slow down the game and piss the dealer off and other on the table. I have had a hot table die from systems like this… please play these systems on empty table.

  2. Not a terrible system..
    But a couple of point 7 outs and you are in deep..real deep

  3. Every "across strategy" is picking up nickels in front of a steamroller. It's fun thinking you are winning easy nickels, but when the steamroller comes, you are wiped out. You will never recover your bankroll after 2 or 3 steamrollers.

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