THE DARK DOUBLE DIPPER Modified – Craps Strategy

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In this video, I go over a modified subscriber submitted Strategy – THE DARK DOUBLE DIPPER.

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THE DARK DOUBLE DIPPER Modified – Craps Strategy

7 thoughts on “THE DARK DOUBLE DIPPER Modified – Craps Strategy

  1. Love this man! I've been trying out the 3 point Dolly but that one can get nasty real quick with max odds on everything. I'm very much conservative usually so I think I might try this on the practice table and take it to my local and see it make me a paycheck of $200 (fingers crossed).

  2. I play a lot of dark side (following the old 555 Don't) and I like this a lot — having the first bet as a protection against a 7 on the come out for the DC is a nice addition. Might try this out at my local casino with placing 6 to 5 odds on whichever one I prefer after they are both set and see how it goes.

  3. I like your take on this strat. Thanks for giving my strategy some love! Appreciate it, bro. I came up with a hybrid strat that basically starts with the double dipper and then goes to a come ladder after establishing the dc. It works amazing as a grinder strategy shooting for a low % win goal.

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