10 thoughts on “Throw no 7’S, make thousands.

  1. What happens to everyone else's bets on the table when you hit 3x and then pass the dice? Would this strategy hurt the other players at the table that had pass bets, place bets, odds bets or come/don't come bets that have traveled?

  2. When you die as we ALL will soon. 99.9 sooner than they think 🤔 ..you will knell before JESUS. The One and only true Son of GOD Almighty, all others are false..JESUS was crucified on the cross at Calvary and then on the third day rose again, for you and I Choose this day whom you'll serve. For if you don't it will be chosen for you and that is HELL
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  3. Your system, is equivalent to saying win the lottery everytime just don't pick the losing nuumbers

  4. We have all seen plenty of “point then 7 “ two roll shooters. He forgot to mention getting lucky enough to not 7 out after your come out roll.

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