10 thoughts on “Unique Simple Craps System Wins $5000+ In 7 Minutes!

  1. your playing an simulater practice program with free money.
    play for real and see how you do.

  2. Decent video but this is just an aggressive COME/DON'T COME betting strategy. Sometimes they work sometime they don't . They seam to work more in simulated online games more than actual table games. Would be very hard for you to win with an experienced dice thrower at the table. I have an SOR of about 18… meaning I average rolling the dice 18 times before I see a 7. I hit 2 or 3 points most of the time and can hit the ALL SMALL/TALL/MAKE E"M ALL on at least one or two throwing sessions. I go to the dark side when I see a run of short 3 or 4 roll sessions just to try to get the luck on the table to change back to hitting points. Seams like the table is out to get you sometimes so it doesn't matter what way you bet. It I have been using a come-out strategy of PASS LINE bet FIELD bet and a HORN bet including the ANY CRAPS. Bet the field and Horn+any craps and cover that bet amount with a pass line bet. eg. FIELD= $10 HORN+ANY CRAPS=$10 PASS LINE=$20.
    You have $40 on the table and the only numbers that hurt you are the 5, 6, & 8. A 7 comes you break even, a craps number comes you win, make a point other than 5, 6, or 8 and you break even on the come out roll. Adjust your bet for your bank roll just remember to balance the bet.

  3. i started playing craps in the early 90's i have never bet one cent on the field , however i have seen countless players who have never even read a book on craps lose their whole stake in a few minutes! this software crap is not like real play. on the field there are 16 ways to win and 20 ways to lose that my friend is a whopping 20 per cent advantage to the house every single roll! you might get lucky here and there playing the field but over the not very long haul you will lose everything you have. if you want to be very tight there are only 6 good bets : pass, don't pass, come, don't come, place the six and the eight. if someone is getting hot you might want to buy the 5 and 9 if your casino offers it and also buy the 4 and 10 if it is developing into a long roll. the last 2 options are only after you are at least double your starting buy in in your rack with most or all numbers covered with max odds, IE: if you can get 10X odds your 6 and eight have $5 each with $50 odds each and any 2 come bets with $5 each and 10X odds then you fill the rest in with place bets at 50 approx. from there you can increase your line bets and go to $10 each with $75 and $100 odds ETC! onwards and upwards from there!

  4. no people need to hear both sides the field is an underdog by at least 15.0 % the 2 and 12 are 30 to 1 to hit each roll so 1 out of 30 rolls you will get double it doesn't even amount to 1/4 of a per cent if you count both . you might need to bone up on your math a bit there if you are sure you are right why are you afraid of people hearing different points of view?

  5. i play at the tables and i see people lose their whole stack on the field i did see a couple of guys get really lucky a few weeks ago and they probably won a few hundred each but since 1992 that is the first real win i have ever seen. it just doesn't happen in any regularity.

  6. Wow you are so kind to hand us this free money. You could use it yourself and make billions, no trillions, but instead you give it away out of the goodness of your heart. I am going to sell my house, quit my job and use the proceeds to become the richest man in the world using this awesome technique. After all of these years I finally found the answer to all of life's financial woes thanks to you. Incredible generosity. Please share the cure for all disease too if you wouldn't mind.

  7. Oh wow!!! Another strategy that works when the seven isn’t showing its ugly head 🤦‍♂️

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