Viewer Suggested Craps Betting Strategy: 3 Point Molly

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Always love offering a viewer suggested craps betting strategy! Today, I offer you my first attempt at a 3 Point Molly strategy. This video represents me learning how to play and pay odds, as I get ready to deliver a two player strategy video as requested by JeffP.

This video is intended for entertainment only. The strategies illustrated are not a guarantee or promise of winnings in any way. Gamble legally at your own risk.

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Viewer Suggested Craps Betting Strategy: 3 Point Molly

4 thoughts on “Viewer Suggested Craps Betting Strategy: 3 Point Molly

  1. CT another great video. You put a lot of research and thought into it. Thanks.

  2. Love how you get a little mad that you’re making money before you can get the three points up lol. @3:30 yes! Correct payout! Quick dealer pro tip: an easy way to pay odds on the 6/8 is to stack white chips next to the red in the back on one side, and red chips on the other side. This is great if you ever do a strategy where you end up pressing to say $20 In odds. No matter how many reds, just make an equal stack of whites on one side and reds on the other, and you are paid without having to count. Incidentally, this also works with reds and greens. On the place bet side, paying the 6 and 8, you pay the base (say, $5) once and the cap ($1) twice. Makes it quick to add up say a $24 6 or 8. (Pay the $20 then pay the $4 twice for $28). Learned this from the CEG channel – they run a dealer school and do mock gambling for an hourly fee in Vegas. @5:00 the way you pay this is easier for the viewer to understand (and therefore better for your videos). It’s worth noting that in a casino, they will pick the odds up, put them beside the come bet and pay those then say “up and down.” @5:45 it’s easier as a player to pick a multiple of $10 for odds as then your odds are always the same regardless of the point (obviously, this necessitates a larger bankroll – I’d play this exactly as you have if at a casino). It might be easier to do $10 in odds with a $500 bankroll in your light vs dark video. @7:00 7 out loses everything indeed 😭; however, it WINS everything on the continuous don’t (except for the current don’t come bet), which is why I think the two will make a great video! I did watch the rest of the video, and it was so perfect, I have no further comments. Excellent explanation of the odds being off on the come out, the come bet winning on a 7 out, etc.

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