10 thoughts on “Wagermethis’ Anything but 12 craps strategy.

  1. Stimulus check play. $900 Lay 12. $16 on the 2,3,&11. Then $96 on the 4 thru 10. $15 table doesn’t cover the pass line bet but a come out 7 the pass line pays.

  2. Hi Greg again perhaps thee best craps channel perhaps.Although as much as I think bone thrower is Hmmm… well he is entertaining.Anyway I love stupid craps with a 100.00 dont with full odds 600.00.As long as not to many points its very easy to get to 1000.00.I take all the place numbers except the point of coarse and start with 100.00 pass and dont with 5.00 two and twelve.I also always take the corresponding hardway and one more thing after the point is rolled roll one more time to avoid the pso.I know thats silly but it makes me feel good when I avoid that issue.Almost forgot the most important part remove bets as they win after two hits your safe sort of.After three hits down or not shooters choice.

  3. Thanks Greg, I used to think the anything but 10 strategy was too risky, but started to come around when Jacob fine tuned it to only have the lay at risk for two hits, then free roll. Even then I would not be inclined to play this on a random shooter. As I consider myself to be a random shooter, that means I would need to find a dice controller and convince them to avoid the 10 for me so I could play that strategy. As for this strategy, well it’s a bigger amount at risk for a smaller collect each hit. I think I’ll pass, but I do enjoy seeing your take on various strategies. As I always say, just because I do not think a strategy works for me, does not mean that I cannot learn something from watching it being discussed and demonstrated. Cheers. Rob

  4. I appreciate all you do, but . . . where will you find a casino to take a $2 or $4 craps place bet?

  5. Once you are in the profit you can regress your lay or even remove it…I would definitely take it way down.

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