10 thoughts on “Waylon’s “Mind Strategy”! How I won with it big in the Casino!🤑💰🤑💰

  1. Great thought process again. Can you run one at the $5 level for bubble craps? Or at least show the bet levels for the inside bets?

  2. Great demo on it Waylon. I tried the out side this pass weekend and went down 500 . Outside numbers were not coming out. If a outside number was thrown it was a horn..Can not wait to try this at the casino this Friday and Sunday. With this the outside one the ONE and the Butterburg ant my version of the Iron cross and the cup of Joe I have a decent toolbox to win some cash. I played along with you after about the 15-minute mark but used a 15,30,30,15 bet level and did not play to the end of the video and was up 320. 1510 bk to start, about what i take to the casino.

  3. I feel this is the best strategy you've posted- with a big enough bankroll it take an incredibly bad table to beat it. Thanks!

  4. Thanks for this one Waylon. I rolled it out a couple of times starting with a $700 bankroll and I guess the dice went my way. I also went down to base a couple of times instead of just leaving the dough out there for the seven to take it away. My sessions won over $1K and it didn't take very long. Throwing random.

    On a different note – the comments about the hating, the haters…. its a drag. You always ask us to give our opinion, and we're craps players, not math professors or psychiatrists (well maybe some are… idk). Ya know I love your content, and as far as I'm concerned you can ban someone if they are not polite but I hope negative comments that are in the spirit of making the game better has its place here. If someone is really out of line or pisses you off can't you just ban them? Its your show, you don't owe anyone an explanation.

  5. Waylon, there you go again, using Math back on the casino. Can see why your Dad is so big on this one. It's a bulldog, just when you think it's in trouble, the wins start pouring in.
    Interesting twist I tried practicing this play. When the Inside bets get over 5 Levels, then work the strategy in reverse. Same bet after a win, regress a Level when 'that ain't us'.

  6. Very nice Waylon. I'm going to have to try this one out thanks. Have a nice Thanksgiving good time to be with family. Regards Dan

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